Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) is a think-tank and technology incubator for Rakuten Group – focusing on data R&D and strategic technology development.

With offices in Tokyo, Boston, Paris, India and Singapore, RIT contributions cover a broad range of topics, including Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, High-performance computing, UI/UX, and multimedia processing.


Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) is looking for Researchers who are passionate about data and technology. As part of RIT, you will have an exciting opportunity to accelerate growth of existing Rakuten businesses, and to drive innovation with long-term benefits for the company; while collaborating closely with research, engineering, and business teams globally.


Be an expert and drive research results in one or more of the below areas:

Machine Learning, Statistics, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Graph Analysis, Computer Vision, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Other emerging technologies
Deliver results: Develop new technologies, improve business performance
Demonstrate long-term vision, while effectively supporting short-term goals
Be a thought-leader, keeping up with the academic and industry trend


Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd



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