Signal has created a platform for analysing text and discovering market intelligence. Our large-scale text analytics system (currently processing more than 3 million documents a day in real-time) unlocks knowledge and insights from unstructured textual data using diverse text analytics and machine learning components. For instance, we apply near de-duplication methods to group similar articles from different publications or entity disambiguation so that we can identify if, for example, a mention of “Iceland” refers to the retail company or the country. Our media monitoring product, built on top of our technology, is enabling organisations to solve real-time complex information challenges (e.g. “All the news related to IPOs of European technology companies”).

We work closely with world-leading academics in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning via academic collaborations and our visiting research program that have resulted in several publications and events. We are looking for researchers with a strong track record (e.g., publications, research grants, PC memberships, …), as well as programming skills to implement and test their ideas in order to continue innovating our technology platform and products. The selected candidate will work in our Data Science team, alongside other researchers, data engineers and developers.

We Signallers are friendly and informal people! We are passionate about our Brand as we all have a stake in our success. We have an inclusive environment welcoming the skills and experience from many diverse backgrounds, together we have created who we are and what we sell. We are proud of our achievements and continue to strive for the unknown.

Signal is a venture-backed company with almost $30 million raised to date. Some of our investors include The Guardian, Hearst Ventures, MMC Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and Reed Elsevier.

Main Responsibilities

Propose, design and implement data science components to improve our products. This ranges from literature review to the implementation and comparison of state of the art models and also the proposal of novel models.
Work closely with developers and engineers to implement, scale and deploy new components.
Supervise and coordinate visiting researchers (usually PhD students) and MSc students.
Be involved in writing and publishing academic papers
Be involved and advise other teams about how data science can be used to address different challenges.
Represent Signal in academic or industrial conferences and other events, to promote our research and data science brand.

The ideal candidate will have a strong data science background with a PhD in a related field (e.g., Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval,…). The candidate should also be a competent developer with experience using ML libraries and frameworks with large datasets.

We are looking for someone who can understand our clients challenges, propose methods to solve problems, experiment with different alternatives to address it and implement a solution that could be deployed in production. Team work and learning are two of the pillars at Signal and for this reason, we are looking for individuals who are open-minded, inquisitive and have the desire to learn new skills from everyone in the company.


Signal Media


Desirable skills and qualifications:

PhD in a field related to Data Science, Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning
Knowledge and practical usage of machine learning libraries/frameworks (e.g., SpaCy, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Vowpal Wabbit, Gensim, …)
Development experience (Python preferred)
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Ability to supervise and coordinate MSc students and external collaborations
Published work on major international conferences or Journals (e.g., KDD, SIGIR, ACL, ICML, NIPS, …)

Nice to have:

AWS experience (Kinesis, Dynamo, ECS, …)
Elasticsearch experience

Specific requirements:

Sponsorship available for the right candidate (non-EU applicants only)

Educational level:

Ph. D.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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