The Language Intelligence & Information Retrieval lab (https://liir.cs.kuleuven.be) that is part of the Human Computer Interaction group of the Department of Computer Science of KU Leuven in Belgium has an open position for a motivated researcher interested in the latest developments in artificial intelligence for the automated reading of documents.

The research is carried out in the frame of the SaaS project (Self-learning SaaS platform for simplification of data-intensive customer experiences). The goal is to design, develop and test novel machine learning models that are self-learning and that can be applied for real-time processing of unstructured or semi-structured documents. Special attention will go to deep learning models relying on character-based or word-based representations of content.

We offer a research position for one year (can be prolonged) in a research team that has an outstanding international reputation in natural language processing and understanding, multimedia mining, machine learning and information retrieval. Within the team we study both theoretical modelling and challenging applications. We investigate probabilistic graphical and deep learning models, with a special focus on learning with limited supervision. We have a special interest in statistical multimodal representation learning where we explore the complementarity of language and visual data. The developed technologies are, among others, applied in the domains of bioinformatics, business intelligence, e-commerce analytics, electronic message filtering, user generated content mining, and web mining and search. For the second year in a row, KU Leuven leads the Reuters ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities.


KU Leuven


The ideal candidate has a PhD or master degree in computer science or equivalent degree, has excellent study results, good knowledge of English, in addition to a basic knowledge of French or Dutch, and has a motivated interest in machine learning and text mining. In case of a master level, we expect some experience in machine learning.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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