About Office 365 Substrate: Powering Office 365 Services and Analytics

We are the Microsoft 365 Substrate team, the engine that powers Office 365 and many other critical products within Microsoft Cloud. Office 365 is the largest collaboration service in the world with 100s of millions of consumer/enterprise mailboxes, documents and conversations, it represents the world’s largest platform of human collaboration for personal, business and educational use. We are a massively distributed cloud service with O(exabyte) data handled by O(300K) servers in O(300) data-centers around the entire globe. By incorporating machine learning techniques and data analytics into the services we deliver, we enable highly personalized, self-learning experiences and suggestions that make each user be more productive every time they use the service.

As part of this team, we have bold goals: we want to build AI/ML scenarios and platform with cutting edge tech that encompasses data collection, feature engineering, training, deploying, productization, and monitoring of machine learning models involving text, image, audio/video. Our scenarios require use of the latest machine reading comprehension, QnA, Deep Learning, NLU and NLP to improve and automate business process and generate knowledge and insights for M365.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of intelligent applications in Office 365! We are looking for a Principal Applied Scientist Manager to lead the AI/ML initiatives for the organization for scenarios that have a tremendous impact on the Office 365 business. The ideal candidate has a blend of technical, hands-on experience with the ability to build, manage and lead an AI/ML team. The candidate should be knowledgeable in a wide array of AI techniques, with a focus on problem-solving, rather than a particular method or tool kit. The candidate has demonstrated experience helping build and ship machine-learning models to customers based on real-world scenarios and has demonstrated building and growing an engineering team. The candidate should have proven background in working with partners and enable solutions for them

Key Responsibilities:
Lead a team of applied scientists, data scientists and engineers that are building AI/ML scenarios and platforms in O365.
Work with Customer-focused with a commitment to high quality end to end services through livesite and quality-first culture
Work independently and collaboratively with other research and product teams across Microsoft to build end-to-end intelligent office experiences involving machine reading comprehension, enterprise knowledge base and knowledge graph systems, semantic experiences etc.
Design and lead implementation of complex systems involving many, complex, technologies.
Communicate complex topic to non-technical audiences and understand the implications of complex business, legal, and regulatory issues on technology and technical deliverables.
Collaborate inside and outside the team, and across remote development locations
Mentor and develop others by sharing and learning.
Have fun and learn new things




Familiarity with machine learning and NLP frameworks such as Scikit Learn, Spark, NLTK, CNTK, PyTorch or Tensor Flow.
Solid experience and understanding in all the areas of the Machine Learning Model Life Cycle
Competent in ML platform architecture, the problems that each individual component and the overall system aims to solve, and a vision for the future of ML infrastructure.
Skill and Experiences in Data science, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning
Strong coding and development skills.
Ability to effectively deal with ambiguity.
Technical accomplishments in large-scale hosted services
Proven ability to lead not merely through positional authority but also influence
These requirements include but are not limited to the following specialized security screenings: Microsoft Cloud Background Check: This position will be required to pass the Microsoft Cloud background check upon hire/transfer and every two years thereafter.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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