The interactive environment developed will allow for instance the teacher to ask an open question to
all the learners by expecting a drawing, a symbol or a formula as answer that will be handwritten with
a stylus (electronic ink) on a tablet screen.
The objective is to analyse in real time all graphical responses of learners to make a synthesis explicable
by the teacher: aggregation, interpretation or automatized clustering of graphical responses.
The challenge consists in having a generic approach allowing different nature of graphical responses
(e.g. formula, writing, symbols …) to be apprehended for:
 Combining graphical responses of children in an intelligible way (saliency map, interactive
graphics clouds) ;
 Elaborate different visualisation levels from the emergence of “cluster” of solution ;
 Make the summary map interactive to allow an intuitive and progressive reading of the
elements of responses based notably on the identified clusters.


IRISA laboratory


We are looking for a PhD graduate having a thesis in the pattern recognition or machine learning field.
An expertise on the problematic of the analysis of handwriten gesture or clustering would be a plus.
Mastery of object-oriented programming (conception, development) would be an advantage for this
position: C++, C# …

Specific requirements:

fixed-term contract of 12 months (possibility of extension)

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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