HyperAir aims to give travellers the smartest way to prepare and enjoy a trip. We are funded to build a travel marketplace that understands travellers’ preferences and recommend them the most suitable and value-for-money solution so that they can have trip planning & booking done in one go, saving time and effort!

We’re looking for PhDs who are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to revolutionize the next generation of travel experience!

Lead the R&D projects in our Innovation Lab
Create an AI-based search engine to recommend travel ideas and products to travellers
Build deep learning models to continuously understand individual needs and preferences
Build a cross-selling engine to anticipate and recommend products that an individual may like
Develop data models to find patterns and correlations from big data
Collaborate with the founding team to continuously deliver valuable services to travellers
Contribute to discussions, planning and brainstorming features for product innovation
Work in an agile & collaborative environment through rapid iterations to generate requirements, design, build and test innovative applications




Strong mathematical & analytical mindset
Strong coding in Python and/or R and either C#, C++ or Java
Great passion in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and programming
Passionate to conduct research and build intelligent features on web & mobile apps
Knowledge & Experience in Big Data, AI & Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems, Search Engine Methodologies, NLP, Data Analytics Pipelines are an advantage
Experience with cloud-based technologies

PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or equivalence
Fresh graduate will also be considered.

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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