The NLP/ML group in the Dept of Computing at Macquarie University,
Sydney, Australia is recruiting a post-doctoral researcher for a joint
research project “Information Extraction and Parsing Methods for
Government and Enterprise Applications” on information and relation
extraction involving Macquarie University, CSIRO’s Data61 and the
University of Edinburgh. The project uses syntactic parsing and deep
learning to extract “who did what to whom when” from a large corpus of
texts. The research involves integrating information extracted from
multiple texts and using this information in creative ways, e.g.,
building event time-lines for individuals, learning entailments between
predicates and relations, etc.

The post-doc will report to Professor Mark Johnson in the Department of
Computing, Macquarie University and Dr Stephen Wan of CSIRO’s Data61,
Marsfield, and will be collaborating with Professor Mark Steedman of
Edinburgh University.


Macquaire Univeristy


You will need to have a PhD and strong research record in NLP and ML,
especially Deep Learning. You will need to show proficiency with Deep
Learning toolkits such as TensorFlow and Pytorch.

Educational level:

Ph. D.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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