MIDAS (Data Mining and Simulation) is a leading research group in Universidad
Politécnica de Madrid focused on the application of computational techniques to
several areas and fields, including data analytics, image processing and analysis
and natural language processing.
The group is looking for a candidate with excellent skills in different aspects
related with the areas carried by the group. The group is currently holding a set
of European and Spanish projects mainly applied to biomedical domain.
We are opening a temporary position within the scope of project IASIS, in UPM
Madrid (Campus de Montegancedo), Spain.
The position is for ~ 2 years (ends October 2019), with a salary to be
determined depending on the candidate profile. The position is open to PostDoc
or research assistant with an outstanding profile in the field.
The topic of the position is:
“Natural Language Processing applied to knowledge acquisition in

Electronic Health Records”


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


We are seeking for people holding a master in the areas of Computer Science,
Health Sciences, Clinical Research, Health Services Research, and pertaining
areas, with proven experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The
candidate must have previous experience in fields relevant for the project,
namely in NLP processing in the medical domain.
The general aim is to design tools and procedures enabling physicians to obtain
early indicators of diseases. Particularly we will work on the oncology and
neurological domain although this is still open.
The selected candidate will work directly with the research line coordinator and
other researchers who are already working on the project. Our own NLP tool
that has been developed in the past by the group will be used and improved.
The main requirements for the candidate are:
Mainly technical involvement in:
 NLP: Continuous development of our own NLP pipeline:
 Adaptation of the pipeline to process English documents.
 Inclusion of new models for acronym finding and disambiguation.
Analysis of the pipeline for other languages (Spanish, French, German
 Inclusion specific NERs: drug, oncology, dementia…
 Abstraction of the pipeline: creation of public services to consume new
documents to be able to be adapted to any domain apart from medical
 Increment the capabilities of the pipeline by adding the possibility of
extracting knowledge from different textual sources (not only EHR):
publications, online texts …
Administrative and group enrolment tasks:
 Proactivity in the participation of the different projects carried out by the
 Help in the administration and technical support of the projects: proposal
writing, project meetings, etc.
 Mentoring of graduate students working in the lab (when applicable).
Other skills:
 Proactivity,
 Capability to work on multicultural, multilanguage work teams.
 English speaker
 Ability to communicate research results (orally and written)
 Ethic code (especially important due to the nature of the data).

Educational level:

Master Degree

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