As the Computational Linguist at PocketConfidant, you will build the brains of our AI engine. You will heavily rely on the user behavior data to design and implement Machine Learning algorithms and methods of Natural Language Processing to build smart conversational robots. Computational Linguist will play closely with professional psychologists and software engineers to make user experience personal, proactive and empathetic.


  • You have no fear to learn new things
  • You like to take responsibility
  • You make the last mile


  • Python or/and Your favorite programming language 🙂
  • Constituency/Dependency Parsing
  • Text Classification
  • Unsupervised/Supervised Learning
  • Experience in database programming using *SQL
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git+GitHub

Your experience in Chatbot or Virtual Assistant development, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis and Relation Extraction would be a great plus.


  • Become the part of truly international and multidisciplinary group
  • Build the career in tech that you desire: focus on development, research or business
  • Enjoy the team that is flexible, strives for personal development and professional ethics
  • Receive compensation, suited to your personal goals
  • Live in the city you love, work from anywhere


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About PocketConfidant AI

Intelligent coaching technology powered by A.I. accessible 24/7 via chat interface. Designed to support individuals navigating life’s challenges and transitions. PocketConfidant is a smart app that guides you through the right question at the right time. It organizes user’s thoughts, distracting from emotional challenges and allowing for reflection.