This is a fully funded position for doing a PhD on my ERC Starting Grant. Unlike most other positions in my research group, it requires strong knowledge of German.

Candidates will focus on cutting edge research into using deep learning techniques to solve machine translation (neural machine translation). The group is a well-known machine translation research group with strong interests in related natural language problems. The working language of the group is English, but the research topic for this particular position requires knowledge of German, as the focus will be on integrating linguistic information into neural machine translation for translation to and from German.

Candidates will have possibilities to teach, supervise bachelors/masters students, and to collaborate on grant applications.

CIS has an active community working on cutting-edge natural language processing. There will be significant interaction with the research groups of Hinrich Schütze (deep learning and a variety of NLP problems) and Helmut Schmid (neural machine translation, parsing, tagging, morphology). We also have several active collaborations with colleagues at other universities.

The University of Munich is one of the top research universities in Europe. It was the highest ranked institution on several measures in the Exzellenzinitiative funding program organized by the German national science foundation in 2012.

Munich and the Upper Bavaria area are among the regions in Europe with the highest quality of living. The area is also home to a large number of high-tech, service and manufacturing companies, including many that use NLP technology.


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About University of Munich

LMU Munich is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition. We build upon our success in the Excellence Initiative, a Germany-wide competition promoting top-level university research, to enhance our research profile over the next years and strengthen our position at an international level.