The Universities of Tours and Orléans in France
offer a PhD position in computational linguistics:

*Design and automatic induction of a multiword
expression lexicon at the service of linguistic


Universities of Tours and Orléans


Master in computer science or computational linguistics●Age below 30 (condition from the funding body)●Interests in linguistics●Foundations of NLP methods and machine learning. Deep learning skills would be a plus.●Good programming skills and experience in integration of libraries and infrastructures●Good knowledge of French and English, another language (especially Creole) would be a plus●Foundations of formal languages and formal grammars●Good writing skills●Capacity to work independently and as part of a team●Blois-Orléans mobility, availability for short-term visits to Düsseldorf (Germany)●Availability for a 1-year stay in Düsseldorf (if funding is confirmed for the 4th year of the PhD)

Educational level:

Master Degree

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