AI systems are increasingly moving from a centralised, black-box approach
to more decentralised approaches where “smaller” AI systems operate closer to the final
users, possibly also on their own devices, and interact with each other.
In addition, an exciting challenge is how to make AI systems automatically adapt
to seamlessly interact with the users, forming a hybrid human-artificial ecosystem
where both actors (the human and the AI system) work together in a collaborative way.
Both challenges fall under the umbrella of “human-centric AI”, as the emphasis
is on designing AI systems that inherently embed models of the humans individual
and collective behaviour, and interact directly with human users.

For example, the PhD thesis could be on decentralised forms of AI,
where multiple “local” AI components interact with each other, combine local knowledge
to come up with collective AI models. Human behaviour models will be used to drive
the design and operations of both local and collective AI systems.

Successful candidates will be supervised by Dr. Marco Conti and Dr. Andrea

The PhD activities will involve a mix of modelling, systems/algorithms design,
prototype development, performance evaluation via experiments, analysis, simulation.




Candidates should have or about to obtain a MSc degree (at the latest
by 31st October 2020) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or
closely related disciplines, and a proven track record of excellent University grades.
Preferably, the topic of the MSc thesis should be in one of the relevant research areas
(Artificial Intelligence, BigData analytics, distributed systems).
Good written and spoken communication skills in English are required.

Specific requirements:

** Position type: doctoral fellowship, 3 years
** Starting date: fall 2020
** Location: IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy – http://www.iit.cnr.it/
** Supervisors:
Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
** Annual scholarship: EUR 15000 – 17000 (depending on the program)
** Application deadline: continuous evaluation, up until 1st July

Educational level:

Master Degree

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