The University of Caen, France offers a fully-funded PhD position at the
GREYC research lab. The context of the PhD thesis will be dealing with
information extraction from discussions and semantic data enrichment in
order to support the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases.


University of Caen


Apply if you are interested in one or more of the following research topics:
– Web mining
– Information extraction
– Natural language processing
– Mining and interpretation of Web contents
– Analysis of behavioral traces
– Deep learning and knowledge graphs
– Privacy preserving data mining and data protection
– Interpretability and explainability of AI algorithms
– AI for personalized prevention, diagnostics and therapies

You must have an academic degree (M.Sc.) in computer science, medical
informatics, bioinformatics or related fields. You should possess very
good knowledge in one or more areas relevant to the above topics, with
corresponding academic performance and English language skills.
International experience during or after studies as well as good
interpersonal and communication skills are helpful.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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