Peltarion’s mission is to make AI usable and affordable for all companies and organizations. We are creating the next generation’s AI platform to develop, manage, and deploy deep learning systems at scale. As a fast-moving company, we continually look for great new talents to advance scientific research and help fulfill our mission. Peltarion will apply for a Ph.D. candidate position at the WASP Industrial Ph.D. program 2021. This position is a chance for you to take the next step in your career and become a leading AI scientist, especially for people with a software engineering background interested in moving into the field of artificial intelligence.

About the role
If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree in AI engineering and want to work with some of the best AI researchers in the field, this is the role for you. It will be a five-year position, with 80% of your time dedicated to the Ph.D. project and 20% working with the machine learning team at Peltarion (a.k.a. The Menagerie). The research will focus on the intersection of software engineering and artificial intelligence in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, Software Engineering group with world-leading researchers. This novel area of research can significantly advance how we can build and operationalize AI systems for the many.

About the research
Complex software-intensive systems are characterized by complex functionality, complex structure, and continuous change. The recent advances in AI provide an opportunity to manage these complexities by making the systems AI-enabled. However, the integration process can be cumbersome, as it requires significant architectural changes of the systems. Furthermore, such systems are subjects of continuous change – due to the continuous change of requirements received from the customers, changes in the technologies, or changes in the data used to power the AI models.

This project focuses on problems of continuous integration and deployment of AI-enabled systems. The overall research question is: How do you enable seamless and continuous integration, deployment, and operation of AI functions in a complex software system?

If we can solve the current disconnect between traditional software engineering and AI, we have the potential to significantly improve our ability to build operationalized AI-enabled software systems.




You have an educational background in computer science, mathematics, or a related scientific discipline. A software engineering background is of merit. We also consider the following skills to be of importance:

University master’s degree with excellent grades or equivalent working experience in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or related fields
Theoretical understanding of, as well as, hands-on experience with modern machine learning techniques
Experience working with data and machine learning using Python, R, Matlab, or similar languages and tools
Experience in different aspects of software development such as design, integration, testing, monitoring
Excellent communication skills, in both written and oral form, to share learnings with the rest of the team as well as externally
Experience in research work, for example in your master thesis work. Being involved in a process of research publications is a merit.
Self-motivated to conduct original research and choose appropriate methodologies to solve advanced problems
Everything we do at Peltarion strives to enable true democratization and operationalization of AI. We expect that you will be committed and passionate about these goals and use AI to improve the lives of many. We believe that diversity of skills, experience, and personality leads to a better environment for our employees.

If you are humble, considerate, a fun person to work with, with a sense of humor, and enjoy working in a team, then you should take the next step in your life and join our incredible team on an extraordinary journey towards learning and democratizing AI. The submission deadline is March 15th, but the sooner you apply the better chance you will have.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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