LATTICE (http://lattice.cnrs.fr) is a CNRS research unit specialized in linguistics, natural language processing and cognitive sciences. We develop techniques in each of these fields, but also at the intersection of the different fields so as to model the evolution of languages or take into account language typology in parsing. The lab has, among others, a known expertise in diachrony, discourse analysis, and digital humanities.

LATTICE is located in Montrouge and Paris and is funded by the CNRS, the Ecole normale supérieure and the University Sorbonne nouvelle. The lab includes 40 members, including 20 permanent faculty members.

The lab will support applications in the different domains described above. The selection process for CNRS position is done at a national level, but candidates must indicate the research unit where they would like to pursue their research. Candidates interested in LATTICE are strongly encouraged to contact Thierry Poibeau (Email).

The list of positions is available here: http://gestionoffres.dsi.cnrs.fr/fo/offres/default-en.php. Relevant positions are mainly in section 34 and 53, but also in sections 06 (esp. 06/03) and 07 (07/04) for what concerns the application of computer science methods to NLP (esp. machine learning for NLP).




Applicants must hold a PhD and a strong track record (esp. publications in first class journals and conferences).

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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