We are looking for an NLP Specialist who can focus on designing and creating systems that apply machine learning and information extraction techniques, with several applications, such as information retrieval, ontology management, and semantic-enabled technologies.

Your Responsibilities
You will be designing and developing novel information retrieval functionalities, to improve the search of our products, and the experience of our users.
You will be working with environments such as SOLR, and you should be able to develop such prototypes either in Java or in Python.
You will bring active experience in Natural Language Processing into the organization. You will know the techniques to normalize texts, get texts out of PDFs and Xml files, identify the features and rules mechanisms that are necessary to capture the information desired from unstructured data.
You will bring new processes into the organization in order to improve (in cost and time-efficiency) the data annotation and information extraction processes. You will also have enough experience with knowledge modelling and semantic technologies to address the complexities of translating unstructured information into structured form.
You will actively contribute to product strategy by identifying and ingesting new technical capabilities. Using the available base data, you will actively promote new ideas of using this data to enhance our competitive offerings. It is a definite advantage if you have the vision and skill to use visualization tools to present extracted data to stakeholders or end-users.
You will analyze extracted information to drive such information retrieval, inferencing and advanced data analytics. Data analytics can also be used to identify research trends, or drive decisions for end users.
You will serve as one of the NLP experts in the wider Content and Innovation team. Actively contributing to a culture of product and process innovation, you will be a trusted resource in new development projects.
You may coach other team members on a need basis and his or her expertise may be called on for specific areas that he or she is more specialized in. Also to external partners, you may represent the NLP team.
Presentation skills and a good command of English are important.
A trusted resource in new development projects, you will also be able to act as a liaison between IT developers and (content) subject matters experts, translating information needs into software development.


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What You Should Bring
Technical skills should include software development experience in a curly brace language or Python, or Java, as well as scripting abilities.
Experience with information retrieval engines is required.
Proven experience with data normalization and processing, NLP, and information extraction.
Experience working with a variety of stakeholders at the mid and senior management level.
Is able to write design specifications, tests, maintaining documentation and perform code reviews.
University graduate (Master of PhD level) computer science, computational linguistics or an associated area.
Experience working with Machine Learning in annotation environments especially in entity extraction, information clustering and data mining is required; industry experience a big bonus.
Ability to drive new developments and implement process changes and disruptive technologies in the organization.
Familiarity with agile software development.
Good communication and documentation skills with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical professionals.
Knows how to improve efficiency of existing code, always considering performance factors.

Specific requirements:

* Please note: For this vacancy we can only consider candidates who hold a valid EU Passport or Dutch work permit. *

Educational level:

Master Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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