As we continue to expand our artificial intelligence platform, Amelia, we are looking for NLP experts to join our development team. We need great scientists who also are great coders. Our scientists tackle the big challenges in deep language understanding and are passionate about writing sustainable code to implement advanced ideas. Whether from published work or their own research, our scientists identify and integrate the best approaches available to push forward the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and dialog management.
We are looking for a hands-on scientist and developer ready to tackle difficult challenges in natural language understanding. With an extensive existing customer base and a market-leading position in help desk automation, your work will go into production as soon as it shows measurable improvement over current methods. We think long term, while putting our research into practice on a rational schedule.
The ideal candidate will have both a research and development background. Having a history of peer-reviewed publications in major conferences is a major plus. Multiple positions are open in this area. We have interest in candidates with a machine learning background focused towards NLP and/or deep learning. We are also interested in candidates from a more symbolic and grounded semantics background and knowledge of linguistic semantics. We have interest in candidates with experience in many portions of the NLP pipeline, including parsing, word sense disambiguation, knowledge extraction, question answering and language generation. While a PhD is not required, the candidate should show a strong history of good research and self-motivation. Significant contributions to related open source projects are seen as a major plus.
You will lead an area of development of the pipeline, guiding and mentoring junior developers, working with the leads of the other areas of the pipeline and the lead scientist to create and deploy new capabilities in language understanding. You should be passionate about writing good and sustainable code to implement your advanced ideas. You will be expected to identify and integrate the best approaches available, whether from published research or your own work. You will work with test and analysis engineers to prove your ideas in objective evaluative frameworks. Each day you will be expected to move as needed between designing scientific approaches and architecture, writing or contributing to scientific publications, mentoring, and development, all in the service of creating the best natural language processing capabilities possible.




Good scientists must also be good communicators, able to explain and justify complex ideas to junior developers and senior management, both verbally and in writing. You should be comfortable defining delivery schedules and metrics for performance assessment and meeting your targets.
First and foremost we need great scientists who also are great developers. A mature developer should be able to learn a new framework quickly, so experience with each of the items below just helps us understand your implementation experience, but each is desirable
– Significant development experience in Java, Python, and/or C++
– Experience with popular machine learning toolkits such as Scikit-Learn
– Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Torch, Theano, or Tensorflow
– Familiary with Unix-like systems
General qualities we look for include:
– Deep knowledge of particular areas (e.g. parsing)
– The ability to quickly understand and implement algorithms and techniques from technical descriptions such as papers
– Creativity, self-motivation, and productivity (as shown by previous research projects, contributions to open source projects, etc.)

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