We are seeking professionals who are looking for an extraordinary challenge in a fast-moving sector of high technology. We want individuals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and do what it takes to get the job done.
Our fast-paced and dynamic work environment will challenge you and get you closer to reaching your full potential. Acronis will give you the platform and tools you need to build and grow your career. You will find yourself surrounded by bright, talented, hardworking, passionate and fun-loving individuals

Join a growing research and development team to improve existing and build brand new Acronis products. You will be assigned a mentor who will introduce you to many challenging tasks related to software architecture, design, development and testing.
Your role will be to research new areas of interest for Acronis such as semantic search, text analysis, information retrieval and chatbots. As an outcome, you will produce working code that will be used in systems with millions of users.
You will have a chance to solve a wide variety of problems that have been never solved before. Ideally, you are a detail-oriented, self-motivated and enjoy dealing with challenging problems




Interest or experience in programming (Python is required, Go/C++ is appreciated)
Proficiency in common machine learning/deep learning frameworks: sklearn, tensorflow 1.0/2.0, keras, numpy, etc.
Experience with common NLP tasks: stemming, morphological segmentation/parsing, text categorization, clustering, etc.
Knowledge of NLP and state-of-the-art algorithms is appreciated
Knowledge of Hadoop, Apache Spark, and similar software is appreciated
Experience in processing structured and unstructured data
Strong analytical skills, ability to perform in-depth exploration of unfamiliar area
Willingness to learn and grow professionally in a team environment

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