JD.com, the world second largest e-commerce company with revenue growing at 41.6% year over year (Q2/2017 data), is expanding dramatically. Its newly established Silicon Valley R&D Center is eagerly looking for top talents like you! We are hiring, aggressively!

In particular, if you believe in yourself in developing best-of-the-best NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies and making significant differences in improving customer experiences, boosting operation efficiency, and delivering cost reduction, we sincerely welcome you to JD.com Silicon Valley R&D Center! We have openings at all levels of seniorities.

At JD.com, we are using NLP technologies in ever growing scope of scenarios. On customer facing side, we apply NLP for understanding customer needs and preferences and humanizing user experiences with best-fit search results and recommendations. We are also the first and dominant (Echo alike) smart speaker player in China. On the backbends, we practice NLP for gauging customer sentiments and product characteristics for the best possible intelligent supply chain management. We are also a leading player in China on using NLP for improving call center customer service qualities and efficiencies. We are true believers of NLP in JD Finance and JD Cloud too. And we invest in machine translation for empowering JD.com’s global expansion too! Join us and you will have chance to make your fingerprints on these and more!




Please apply if you meet at least three of the following requirements:

M.Sc. and preferably Ph.D. degree from a top school with leading NLP program
A key contributor to a world leading NLP centric product or service
First authorship publications in leading NLP journals and conferences such as Computational Linguistics, Computer Speech and Language, ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, and COLING
First authorship on NLP centric patents
Github contributions with sizable followers and significant impact
Technical leadership in a NLP centric program at a leading industrial laboratory
Key technical contributor in a funded start-up company
Made contributions to a specific aspect of NLP technologies and applications in unique and creative ways
We at JD.com have people working on all three NLP paradigms: rule-based rationalism, statistical empiricism, and neural networks connectionism. Not only we have the world best rule based dependency parser for sentiment analysis and knowledge graph construction, but also we apply SVM and random forest for document classification and word sense disambiguation. Of course, we have already tuned word embedding and sequence-to-sequence models to the specifics of our ecommerce use cases. Join us and you are sure to have ways to contribute!

Educational level:

Master Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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