We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and industry experts with a mission to improve people’s financial wellbeing, and re-invent the way the financial industry works.
We provide financial institutions, of any size, anywhere in the world, the software to thrive in the digital savings age. We do this by building, delivering and supporting conversational AI technology to power affordable and accessible advice.
The culture we’ve created is as great and diverse as our people!
We are problem-solvers; we love sharing ideas and opinions; we work with ground-breaking technology; and we offer exceptional benefits to our staff in an inspiring and collaborative environment. We are always looking for outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, who want to be part of this exceptional team.

The data science team

The data science team is responsible for the heart of Abaka’s AI efforts: natural language understanding and automated, personalised recommendations, as well as business reporting and analytics. The data science team plays a vital role for the further growth and development of Abaka.

Job Description

We are seeking a computational linguist and NLP data scientist who will be monitoring and expanding Abaka’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solution for conversational AI.

You will:

• Monitor the NLU solution and ensure it performs consistently at a high level.

• Be responsible for expanding the NLU solution in accordance with business requirements.

• Analyse new business requirements and convert them into new new intents or features.

• Maintain existing linguistic training data, ensuring they are aligned with business requirements.

• Collect, process, and manage new linguistic training data as needed.

• Maintain the NLU solution code and manage the release cycle for new features.

• Train new NLU intent machine learning models.

• Test the NLU solution.

• Maintain documentation for NLU code, data, and intent inventories.

• Maintain and expand the named entity extraction capability of the solution.

• Identify bugs and gaps, analyse the causes, and fix them.

• Work in, and support, a cross-disciplinary team using agile methodology.




We are looking for someone with:

• A master’s or PhD in computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP) or corpus linguistics.

• At least 2-3 years of commercial experience.

Programming skills:

• Good proficiency in Python.

• Experience with neural network libraries in Python, like Keras, Tensorflow, or CNTK.

• Knowledge of machine learning and statistical analysis.

• Experience with version control tools like Git.

• Experience with cloud software, like Microsoft Azure or AWS.

• Additional experience with R is a plus.

NLP skills:

• Experience with Python NLP toolkits like NLTK or Spacey.

• Experience with collecting and managing language data.

• Experience with text processing, text mining, or corpus linguistics.

• Experience with named entity recognition or intent identification.

• Experience with dialogue systems is a plus.

Language skills:

• Fluent in spoken and written English.

• Any additional language beyond English is a plus.

Personal skills:

• Demonstrated ability to analyse and solve problems.

• Ability to work both on your own and in a cross-disciplinary team.

• Ability to interact with internal and external stakeholders.

• Good presentation skills.

Educational level:

Master Degree

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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