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We’re excited to deliver the best in both innovative technologies and customer-focused experiences to realize our mission of creating a more inclusive global economy. Come help us build something great!

Role Summary

The candidate should be well versed with existing open source frameworks such as word2vec, NLTK and Stanford CoreNLP, and have a good understanding of the underlying machine learning techniques and algorithms used to facilitate these tasks, including more recent developments such as the use of word embedding vectors with deep learning architectures for tasks such as text classification and structured sequence prediction.

What You Will Be Doing
Be a primary contributor to the design and implementation of our core NLP-powered products. In collaboration with our data scientists and senior engineers, you’ll be introducing novel NLP-powered experiences, improving on existing models, and driving innovation through-out the product using techniques such as Text Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Relation Extraction, and Attention-based models
Evaluate the quality and performance of existing NLP models. By using established evaluation metrics and helping define relevant product KPIs, as well as building practical end-to-end testing tools, help deliver consistently high-quality models
Wrangle messy data. Real-world data, especially as found on the web, comes in all shapes and sizes, and can often be messy. Working alongside our Data Pipeline engineers, drive solutions for cleaning noisy text, normalizing it and ensuring high-quality search results




You have a strong background in implementing natural language processing and machine learning solutions
You have at least 4 years of industry experience
You have built and deployed services at scale
You’ve worked on products where evaluating solution performance and iterating quickly was part of your day-to-day
You’re committed to quality as a top priority, including security and performance
You think that culture is something that you build, not just a buzzword
You have any experience working with open source projects in a startup environment.
Experience working with Python is a big plus, specifically frameworks such as NLTK, spaCy, Keras, TensorFlow

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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