About This Role

At MindMeld, we build AI applications that customers really care about and that can be built today utilizing large scale machine learning and natural language understanding. Our Conversational AI platform enables us to build a high accuracy experience for a new domain in as little as 8 weeks. As a Machine Learning / NLP Engineer on our small, 27-person team, you will own several components and features of the MindMeld Conversational AI platform, as well as play a major role in one of several proof of concept or production deployments for Fortune 500 companies. You will join a team trying toachieve state-of-the-art end-to-end accuracy (>99%) for a large vocabulary knowledge domain and satisfy the long tail of user requests. You will primarily code in python and leverage a host of machine learning toolkits like scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, duckling etc. You will use crowdsourcing tools like Amazon Mechanical Turk extensively for data collection.

About You

You have a passion for and deep experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. You thrive in an agile development process. You look forward to joining a high caliber team of machine learning and natural language processing experts. You’re not just looking for a job, you’re looking for an innovative product where you can make a large impact. You’re self-driven and set high expectations for yourself. You take ownership and sweat the small stuff. You thrive on constructive feedback. You insist that facts drive decisions. You deliver results that matter.

Things we look for:

  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Machine Learning
    Solid knowledge of statistical classifier models (HMM, SVM, deep/recurrent ANN, CRF, LMT, etc.) and of best practices in attribute selection, dimensionality reduction, runtime performance optimization
    Familiarity with toolkits such as Scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, R, Weka, Matlab, NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP
    Fluency in Python or other scripting languages
    Knowledge of NLP techniques such as PoS tagging, NP chunking, shallow/deep parsing, NER
    Knowledge of IR concepts such as statistical search ranking, knowledge graphs, vectorial semantics, LSA, document clustering
    Strong communication skills

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About MindMeld, Inc

At MindMeld, we're building an advanced AI platform to power the new generation of intelligent conversational interfaces. Over 50% of our 27-person team is made up of machine learning, natural language processing experts.

With MindMeld, companies can build and incorporate their own, Siri-like, intelligent voice interfaces seamlessly into their branded applications, services or devices and define how the end-consumer voice experience should be. Companies use MindMeld to create their own domain-specific natural-language-understanding engines with powerful question-answering capabilities which are powered by their proprietary data.

MindMeld is backed by GV, Samsung Ventures, Intel Capital, Greylock, Bessemer and more.