This is a hybrid Data Science/Python position that requires skill in the areas of Data Science and Python programming experience.

Data Scientist Responsibilities:

Develop and implement a set of techniques or analytics applications to transform raw data into meaningful information using data-oriented programming languages and visualization software. Apply data mining, data modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract and analyze information from large structured and unstructured datasets. Visualize, interpret, and report data findings. May create dynamic data reports.

Specifically, you will be mining graph data related to events occurring in aviation. Understanding graph traversal algorithms and techniques for pattern recognition is a plus! You will apply them to various graph database structures (such as SleepyCat, NetworkX, Jena).

Python Programmer Responsibilities:

You will implement algorithms for graph analysis with python code to perform analyses in an automated system.





Some projects may be classified & will need to obtain a security clearance.

Proficiency with Python 3 development

Experience visualizing and effectively communicating analysis results

Experience with a variety of data management tools (graph databases, HDF5, Parquet, etc.)

Minimum: Bachelor’s in Data Science or equivalent. Master’s degree preferred.


At least 4 years of experience working as a Data Scientist with corresponding programming experience.

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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