Your mission
You keep pushing the forefront of innovation in research Neural
Machine Translation
You redefine processes in an industry to be AI-first
You empower professional translators to focus on truly complex
problem solving
You apply NMT to serve the end customer in the best possible way
Your responsibilities
Research and develop in the field of Machine Translation and NLP,
domain adaptation,
model distillation,
model quantization,
terminology integration,
low-resource MT,
data anonymization,
attention output interpretability
Evaluate and integrate new state of the art strategies for production
Further develop pipeline automation and help define our translation
continuous delivery system
Challenge and improve current research state by participating and
submitting papers to conferences (ACL, EMNLP, EAMT, etc)
Discover new products and services via research findings
Your profile
You have 2+ years of experience in the area of NLP, MT or any type of
seq2seq modeling
You have solid programming skills in Python
You hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a in Computer Science,
Mathematics, Statistics or a related field or equivalent practical




You have solid communication skills and experience interacting with
stakeholders from a multidisciplinary team
You are fluent in English and feel comfortable in a fast-paced and
international environment
You are cool, collected and have a sense of humor
You are willing to relocate to Berlin, Germany
This is a plus
You have built and maintained ML applications in a business setting
You have been developing data preprocessing and training pipelines,
leveraging tools like MLfLow, Airflow, Luigi, DVC
You have hands-on experience with PyTorch or TensorFlow
You have been developing and deploying applications in production
with REST, Docker, Kubernetes
You feel comfortable in fast-paced and international environment

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