The Machine Learning NLP/ Principal Scientist is a core member of the Emerging Business Unit (EBU) team, reporting to the Senior Director, ML and AI, Emerging Business Unit. This is a newly formed, highly visible team that is key to Moody’s Analytics’ (MA) long-term growth strategy that will lead our efforts to better understand and adapt to an environment characterized by widespread, technology-driven change. The EBU is charged with supporting innovation within our existing LOBs, developing opportunities in the “whitespace”, enhancing our innovation process and understanding customers’ technology preferences.

On Any Day, The Candidate Could Be Doing Any Or All Of The Following

The Machine Learning NLP/ Principal Scientist will, under supervision by the Senior Director, research, design, develop, and implement innovative Machine Learning, NLP, computer vision and deep learning solutions focused on natural language (text) and unstructured data that will advance Moodys Analytics capabilities across multiple business lines.
Research emerging ML, deep learning and NLP solutions applied to natural language (text) and unstructured data and be conversant with latest developments in these fields
Identify innovations in computer vision, text analytics and NLP leveraging ML/AI and deep learning to help advance automation, knowledge discovery, decision-making and insights, and streamline business processes or enable new capabilities in document understanding and knowledge extraction from text, images, speech and unstructured data,
Implement, NLP, text analytics, and document understanding, using latest deep learning tools and framework (such as TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe) and develop, demonstrate, and validate novel ML, computer vision and NLP solutions in a hands-on role,
Evaluate custom, scalable deep learning and NLP solutions through prototyping, POCs and quantitative metrics, and handing off solutions to system engineers and stakeholder teams as needed
Develop new systems for evaluating NLP/NLU accuracy and performance and work with the data engineers in building better-annotated training corpora by assessing data collection and annotation processes
Discuss, suggest, and brainstorm new advanced technology solutions with team members
Explain complex models to non-experts, in layperson terminology to clients, stakeholders and managers, while also being able to discuss intricacies of complex algorithms with experts in the field
Prepare reports, presentations, for internal and external stakeholders, and as applicable, publish in peer-reviewed journals and magazines.
Attend, present at technical conferences, workshops, and meetups


Moody’s Analytics


Advanced or basic degree (recent PhD from top university / MS with 5+ years experience) in a quantitative field such as CS, EE, Information sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Operations Research, or related, with focus on Machine Learning , AI , NLP , deep learning, and/or / data-driven statistical analysis & modelling
Experience with NLP and machine-learning-based algorithms, solutions and frameworks for natural language understanding, document classification, entity recognition, document understanding, parameter extraction, and/or representation learning, as well as with the creation and evaluation of annotated training corpora.
Strong, proven programming skills (5+ years of programming experience) in Python, C/C++, Java, R , MATLAB, Scala, and with machine learning and deep learning and Big data frameworks including TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, MXNet, Spark, Hadoop, and NLP frameworks such as NLTK, Stanford NLP, SpaCy, and others. 5+ years programming experience with writing complex programs and implementing custom algorithms in these and other environments.
Experience beyond using open source tools as-is, and writing custom code on top of, or in addition to, existing open source frameworks.
Excellent communication skills (oral and written) to explain complex algorithms, solutions to stakeholders across multiple disciplines, and ability to work in a diverse team

Educational level:

Master Degree

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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