What You’ll Do: –
Work in R&D team towards building new products and enriching existing ones on ML/NLP.

– Propose New Solutions using ML/NLP and Build them.

Problems we Work:

– Extract Insights from News Article Text in multiple Indian Languages

– Named Entity and Key Phrase Extraction

– Modelling Users Behavior on DailyHunt App

– Recommend Personalized content to users on DailyHunt App

– CTR and Page View Optimization on DailyHunt App

– Extract Insights from Images in News Articles


dailyhunt (Versé Innovation Pvt Ltd)


What we Need:

Prog Languages : Python (Pandas / Numpy), Java

DS/Algo/Prob : Good Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithm Design.

Optimize Data Structures for Time and Space Efficency.

Probability & Statistics : Probability Distributions, Sampling Methods, Estimation Methods, Hypothesis testing etc , Descereptive statistics .

Tools and Frameworks : NLTK, GATE , Stanford NLP suite , Weka , Scikit-learn , Gensim, TensorFlow , Caffe , Keras UnSupervised / SemiSupervised and BootStrap

Methods : We have to deal with scarcity of Training Data , so Good understanding of these methods will be plus.

Deep Learning : Understanding of deep learning models applied to NLP and Images. Neural Networks, Word embeddings, sequence learning, RNN ,CNN , Transfer Learning.

NLP : Statistical NLP Models , Pos Tagging , Parsing , Sequence Tagging, Word Sense Disambiguation , Language Models , Topic Modelling ,

NER ML : Linear regression , Logistic Regression , Naive Bayes , SVM , Decision Trees , Random Forest , Boosting , Bagging , HMM , CRF ,LSI/LDA , Clustering , UnSupervised / SemiSupervised Method , Optimization Methods

An Ideal Candidate

– Should have some decent skills in each of the section mentioned above & 2 -4 years of working experience in ML/NLP programming.

– Should be able to understand the business problems and propose new solutions – Should be familiar with the Math involved in some of the above mentioned skills.

– Should be able to do literature survey of latest research in ML/NLP/DL and come up with solutions.

– Strong communication skills, verbal and written

Good to Have :

– Experience in multilingual NLP , Specifically Indian language NLP

– Familiarity with large scale Data processing tools , Hadoop/Mapreduce/Spark Ecosystem , NoSql databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Elastic Search.

– Experience with high volume web application, web service development with Java/J2EE/Spring framework or Django/Flask is a plus.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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