Our Client is in need of Machine Learning developer experienced in Java/Python Machine learning algorithms to join their team. Currently, they have been tasked to build the machine learning as a service platform. The idea is to deploy some of the commonly used machine learning solutions as a service which can be utilized by the rest of the firm. For Example: voice recognition, NLP problems, time series

The project they are ramping up for is within the Advanced Analytics team at the Client. Specifically, they will be working on the machine learning as a Service (MLAAS). This is a firm wide capability they are building to enable and accelerate ML to improve automation and analytics.

Client is building this platform from scratch so there is no initial framework. They need to be comfortable building something from scratch – the system is not ever there so we are starting from 0. Most of the models are built in python and they will be using some of the java/python libraries to publish these as a service API so if the candidate knows python and can work with the data scientists to help them improve their code, that would be extremely useful. Python skill set is a huge plus.

Client is looking for a resource who is very enthusiastic and who is ready to go beyond what is asked. They should be willing to offer new ideas and not just take direction from leaders. They should be able to come up with different ways of doing things and be interested in potentially converting full time.


Prudens (Rec.)



How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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