Do you want to be part of a startup which addresses the desire for digitized legal solutions? legartis is a legal tech startup that will change the way contracts and other legal documents are analyzed in the German speaking region. If you find that thought as exciting as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence, we may be looking precisely for you. If you are familiar with the legal services market, even better!

The worldwide legal market is looking to reduce costs, increase transparency and make attorneys’ time more ef cient. Technology is currently the most promising answer. Adoption of modern tools has been slow in the Swiss, German, and Austrian markets, but that is rapidly changing. We are a part of the transformational process.

You will be joining an experienced and growing engineering team to build innovative products in the Legal Tech space. Primarily, you will be working in Python to build tools and scalable APIs. You will work on platform and application infrastructures for importing documents, performing complex text processing and analysis tasks. Moreover, you will build tools and algorithms to provide low-latency, ad-hoc data insights employing machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Co-develop the product with the team
  • Apply the latest algorithms in ML & NLP to development of key software features for legal tech products
  • Develop solutions in text classi cation, document clustering, document zoning and segmentation, named entity recognition, search, information retrieval, and relation extraction
  • Develop tools, processes and metrics to evaluate high-quality data pipelines
  • Develop data annotation processes and guidelines, assist annotators in the annotation process

Skills and requirements

  • Degree in computational linguistics or computer science with a focus on ML & NLP
  • Experience with selecting and applying ML & NLP algorithms to build systems that learn from structured and unstructured data
  • Pro cient scienti c programmer, preferably in Python (especially scikit-learn), and uent in statistics and algorithms
  • Experience with tools in (web-based) text annotation Experience with NLP for the German language
  • Contributor to software product or research where ML & NLP played a major role, actively following latest ML & NLP trends
  • Experience with working in agile, product-driven environment
  • Expertise with TensorFlow, including visualisation using Tensorboard or related Deep Learning framework (Keras, DyNet, PyTorch etc.) is a plus.
  • Moreover, you are open for development, are honest, have a genuine interest in people, work smart, have passion for innovation, show your commitment and want to enjoy work and have fun while giving your best!

What you can expect

  • A full time position in a startup
  • A small, highly motivated team committed to building a successful company
  • Shares in the company (ESOP)
  • A salary – possible from the start

Contact us

Let us know why you would like to disrupt the legal market with us! Please send your application (including CV, letter of motivation, etc.) to recruiting@legartis.ai. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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About legartis technology Ltd.

legartis is a legal tech startup developing a contract intelligence software. Trained by legal experts and using the latest technologies of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, we automate the analysis of contracts.