This is a new type of “tenure track” position started this year in France: a special Associate Professor position, called “Chaire Professeur Junior”, with a fast track to tenured, Full Professor within about 5 years. The general objective of the project of which this position is part is to build bridges between two areas: natural language processing of biomedical texts and integration of biological data.

This new type of Associate Professor position has a reduced teaching load of 64 hours a year, compared to the standard 192 hours of usual positions. The research environment is that of the natural language processing team of the LISN Language Sciences and Technologies department and/or the Bioinformatics team of the LISN Data Science department. LISN is the Interdiscplinary Laboratory for Digital Sciences, a computer science research center with five departments, created in January 2021 from the teams of two former research centers: LIMSI and LRI.

Additionally, the Junior Professor will automatically receive a one-shot 200 k? research grant from the National Research Agency (typically to hire a post-doc or doctoral student, for travel expenses, etc.).

Université Paris-Saclay is among the top 20 universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking, and the first in continental Europe.





Language requirements:

About language in a French environment: interaction in the research team can be performed in English. Teaching is in French or in English depending on the classes. If needed, the successful candidate can teach entirely in English initially, but is expected to be able to teach in French too after a couple of years.

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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