Principal Accountability:

1.Provide professional IT consultancy services to HSBC business teams and IT teams on the applications of Cognitive Computing technologies, for different use cases.

2.Select the most suitable technology, design the right machine learning model, building a working prototype and baseline knowledge base.

3.Establish the platform(s) to enable full DevOps of Cognitive Computing services, for speedy development and resilient hosting.

4.Take the pilot prototypes, industrialize it and deploy to the service platform to the service platform

5.Focus on sustainable infrastructure and practices.

6.Coach the teammates, share the knowledge


Mandatory Skills:

1.Solid experience and knowledge in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Neural Network, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

2.Preferred to have above 1 years’ experience cognitive computing in the industry and understand the landscape of autonomous driving across the world.

3.Excellence experience in cognitive computing, e.g. use of multiple open sources technologies like NLTK, Spark MILIB, Mahout, scikit-learn, Google Tensorflow, Torch to construct solutions

4.Strong and confident communication skills for technologies, with high reputation in the technology community.

5.Highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills.

6.Capability to understand a diverse set of technologies and make the decision on sustainable and yet simple architecture.

7.Curiosity, passion, and discipline


Optional Skills:

1.Minimum Bachelor in Computer Science, or related field of study, or equivalent practical experience.

2.Master, or PhD in Mathematics, Data mining, Machine Learning, Computer Science is advanced

3.Solid experience in big data area is advanced

4.Solid experience in PaaS area is advanced


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About HSBC

Ÿ   HSBC IT is investing in cognitive computing and machine learning to start the journey of next-generation of banking operations. A small Emerging Technology PoC for this technology space is being formed, under the HSBC IT ADM organization. The team will start from a small group talent, focusing on progressive and speedy enterprise adoption of this new technology capability.

Ÿ   The team will focus on implementing the technology of cognitive computing in HSBC, which includes and not limited to Natural Language Processing, Neural network, Machine Learning, and Deep learning. We are looking for a high caliber and enthusiastic Lead Consultant Specialist to join the team.