Georgetown University (Washington, DC) invites applications to MS and Ph.D.
programs for students wishing to study Computational Linguistics starting
in Fall 2018. Strategically located in the nation’s capital with proximity
to government institutions, a thriving tech industry, and other major
universities, Georgetown offers advanced training and cutting-edge research
opportunities in topics such as linguistic data management, information
retrieval, data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning.
Students in the Computer Science and Linguistics programs have the
opportunity to learn from CL faculty in both departments and to participate
in our interdisciplinary research community (http://gucl.georgetown.edu/).
A fellowship (Ph.D.) or scholarship (MS) may be offered with admission.


– MS in Computational Linguistics
(Dept. of Linguistics, Jan. 1 deadline)
– Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics
<https://linguistics.georgetown.edu/graduate/phd-programs> (Dept. of
Linguistics, Dec. 15 deadline)
– MS in Computer Science <https://cs.georgetown.edu/academics/ms> (Jan.
15 priority deadline)
– Ph.D. in Computer Science <https://cs.georgetown.edu/academics/phd>
(Jan. 15 priority deadline)


Georgetown University



Level of experience (years):

Entry Level (Less than 2 years of Experience)

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