The NLP (Natural Language Processing) area of NLE (NAVER LABS Europe, Grenoble; previously XRCE: Xerox Research Centre Europe) is opening a research internship with the goal of developing training techniques for Neural Machine Translation (NMT) going beyond traditional perplexity minimization approaches typical of most NMT systems.

The intern will explore and implement techniques that are able to globally assess system translations and to use their observations to improve the parameters of the underlying neural models. Possible approaches towards this goal may involve combinations of Prior Features, GANs, and Reinforcement Learning.

The project will be conducted inside the Neural Machine Translation research activity at NLE, in relation with a business team responsible for a translation application (smartphones, computers) which already has a large userbase in East Asia.


Naver Labs Europe


The successful candidate should be enrolled in a graduate program, at the Master or (preferably) PhD level, with a focus on Deep Learning, NLP, and (ideally) Neural Machine Translation.

Strong programming skills and familiarity with one of the major current deep learning toolkits (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, …) are a requirement.

Publication of results in major conferences/journals will be strongly encouraged.

Specific requirements:

Please note that applicants must be registered students at a university or other academic institution and that this establishment will need to sign an ‘Internship Convention’ with NAVER LABS Europe before the student is accepted.

Start Date: around January 2018

Duration: 4-5 months

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying

Ioan Calapodescu

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