We would like to announce the opening of one faculty position in Machine
Learning at UFRN, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil.
The position is at DIMAp, the Department of Informatics and Applied
Mathematics. The selection process is through a formal concours and can be
held in English at the candidate?s request at registration. (Another
position is also available in Artificial Intelligence at the Institute
Metropole Digital which may be convenient for a couple in beginning of

*Teaser about Natal:* Natal, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do
Norte, is located at a northeast corner of Brazil, 5º South of the Equator
line. As such, the city is sunny all year around though with an amenable
weather due to winds blowing from the ocean. With amazing beaches of warm
water both in the city itself and nearby, it has been a paradise for
foreign tourists. In the last decades it has received a
considerable amount of Europeans, that decided to leave here, such
as Germans, Italians, Spaniards among others. With a population of around 1
million inhabitants, it is provided with the infrastructure of a large but
not too large city on the one hand, and with the fun of a resort on the
other. There are plenty of interesting restaurants offering typical
Brazilian, international and regional northeast food, from seafood to a
rich variety of tropical fruits and their juices. More information can be
found in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natal,_Rio_Grande_do_Norte. There is
also an excellent Convention Center for large events.

*About UFRN and DIMAp:* UFRN, the Federal University of Rio Grande do
Norte, is located in a central point at the east side of Natal, backing the
Parque das Dunas, a large area of natural preservation between the city and
the coastal line. It is a well-regarded university in Brazil with active
departments in most areas of knowledge. DIMAp, the Department of
Informatics and Applied Mathematics, hosts undergraduate programs in
Computer Science and in Software Engineering. It maintains close ties with
the departments of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering and
Automation, the School of Sciences and Technology, the Institute
of Neurosciences, and the so called Institute Metrópole Digital, an
entrance point to undergraduate students in Informatics. Its Graduate
Program in Systems and Computation is active in areas such as Machine
Learning, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Computer
Graphics, Image Processing, Mathematical Foundations to Computer Science,
Algorithms, Programming Languages, Formal Methods, Software Engineering,
Computer Architecture and Distributed Systems, among others. You can find
about DIMAp at http://dimap.ufrn.br/en (most of the information is in
Portuguese) and about UFRN at http://www.ufrn.br.


Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte


The selection process (concours) requires the
physical presence of the candidates and starts Sunday, February 13, 2021,
being composed of a) Written exam; b) Didactic exam (preparing and teaching
a lecture with the topic chosen 24 hours before the lecture); c) Defense of
a Descriptive Memorial of past academic and professional achievements and
future plans as a faculty member; d) Analysis of Academic Production. The
prospective candidate is urged to read carefully the detailed regulations
(“Edital”) of the selection process available (in Portuguese) at
https://sigrh.ufrn.br/sigrh/public/home.jsf (menu Concursos, Concursos

The exams will check proficiency on topics related to: Data pre-processing;
supervised, unsupervised and semi supervised models; deep learning;
statistical analysis and post-processing. See the pages in the link above
for details.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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