*Job description*:

I am looking for a postdoctoral researcher and PhD students in statical
modeling for text inference and semantic parsing, as part of the ERC
Project (“Broad Coverage Semantic Parsing”). The aim of the project is
developing effective semantic parsers and statistical models for reasoning
relying on machine learning (incl. deep learning / representation learning
/ structured prediction). We are exploiting grounded in knowledge bases,
multi-lingual resources and other forms of supervision for learning
semantic parsers and statistical text inference models. Applications
include question answering and machine translation tasks. Specific roles of
the students and the postdoc in the project are to be discussed and depend
on their background and interests.

*Academic environment:*

The School of Informatics is one of the top-ranked departments of computer
science in Europe, and one of the largest and best research centres in the
world, with over 100 faculty and 400 PhD students and researchers. The last
national research assessment exercise (REF 2014) concluded that the School
produced more world-leading and internationally excellent research in
computer science than any other university in the UK.

The positions are within the Institute for Language, Cognition and
Computation <http://web.inf.ed.ac.uk/ilcc> (ILCC), School of Informatics,
University of Edinburgh. ILCC is a leading research institute for
computational approaches to language, cognition and communication (e.g.,
ranked no. 1 in the world for NLP research according to
http://csrankings.org). There are over 10 faculty members focusing on NLP
(see http://groups.inf.ed.ac.uk/edinburghnlp/).

Edinburgh <https://www.visitscotland.com/destinations-maps/edinburgh/> is
famous for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, rich history and great
outdoors. Top music and theatre venues, a 12th century castle and an
extinct volcano to climb are all within a short walk from the informatics


University of Edinburgh



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