Envion Software is currently looking for NLP Software Engineer (Natural Language Processing / Computational Linguistics / Machine Learning) –

For our offices in Ukraine and Russia

Basic Requirements

•BA in General Linguistics, Applied Linguistic, Language Technologies or similar. Degree in Computational Linguistics is an important plus.
Linguistics and computational linguistics knowledge and skills:
•Practical knowledge of formal syntax, formal semantics, corpus analysis, dialogue management.
•Strong understanding of morphology, lexicology, phonetics, pragmatics, automated speech analysis and synthesis.
•A minimum of one years’ relevant industry experience in a customer-facing role.
•Solid understanding of statistics (preferably in applied natural language analysis), mathematics, machine-learning, machine translation, computer-aided language learning (in combination with language studies will be an important plus).
•A high level of proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages: Java, Groovy or Python
•Fluent English

Project Description

A NLI Knowledge Engineer is a technical expert with strong knowledge in the structure of language and its application to computers systems. The ideal candidate is commercially aware and has the ability to visualize articulated processes and solve complex problems.
He /she will be focused on designing, developing and maintaining natural language-based solutions in domains including artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalization, expert functions plus database and language processing systems.
The NLI Knowledge Engineer is directly involved in projects from initial build through development and maintenance phases. A proactive approach and the ability to work within an agile framework are essential ingredients. He/she will be working on a wide range of projects within in a team of multicultural, skilled and driven Knowledge Engineers, Project Managers and Technical Consultants.
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Additional Requirements

•Strong logical and analytical skills, being able to deal with complex and abstract concepts
•Demonstrated ability to analyze problems to identify the root cause
•Ability to interact and communicate effectively with stakeholders at different levels
•Capability for identifying needs and business value solutions for the clients
•Professional attitude, detail-oriented and organized
•Ability to work well both alone and within a larger team
•Flexible and open-minded, pragmatic and proactive approach
•Ability to work in multi-functional teams
•Ability to combine multiple task and projects
What We Offer

An excellent remuneration package and fringe benefits, interesting work and challenging projects, a great team of true professionals to work with, a comfortable and well-equipped office.

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