CAMIA has already several functionalities in a digital
ecosystem of learning:
 CAMIA offers the possibility to take digital
handwritten notes directly on slides.
 CAMIA allows quiz and complex graphical questions to
be created freehand and in real-time during the
 CAMIA offers an analysis and aggregation in real time
of responses collected.
 Finally, CAMIA offers the possibility to create share
virtual whiteboard allowing notably drawing diagram as a team from a text or a set of
One of the objective of the e-Fil project will be firstly the scientific evaluation of the impact of this
concept on the learning followed by the amelioration and the extension of its functionalities. Among
them, we will have notably:
 The automatic synthesis of responses collected by generating in real-time an interactive
saliency map summarising the distribution of graphical responses of all students.
 The conception of a teacher dashboard to give in real-time and a posteriori the student
activities with an analysis of activity logs automatically collected.
The objective of this position will be to take in charge the software CAMIA in order to lead the design
and the development of the new functionalities of the CAMIA solution.


IRISA laboratory


We are looking for a person with an experience in the field of software engineering and the
development of human computer interaction (HCI) on tablets with Windows .Net, Android and if
possible iOS.
Mastery of object-oriented programming (conception, design, development) is indispensable: C++, C#,

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