Uppsala University is an international research university focused on the development of science and education. Our most important assets are all the individuals who with their curiosity and their dedication make Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting work places. Uppsala University has 40,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 6,5 billion.

The Department of English is a well-established research community with scholars working in the fields of English Linguistics, English Literature, and American Literature. Research in English Linguistics at the department focuses primarily on the empirical study of past and present variation and development in the language. Our recent and current research focuses on patterns of structure, meaning and usage in the English language, and variation and change in such patterns influenced by factors such as language-internal features, genre differences, social variables and second-language acquisition. Investigations are carried out within a variety of frameworks, among them corpus linguistics, variationist studies, (historical) sociolinguistics, (historical) pragmatics, manuscript studies, learner English and statistics. Our commitment to empirical studies has led to extensive use of language corpora (text collections and databases), both synchronic and diachronic.

Doctoral students in the Department of English have contributed to the compilation of corpora at the department and have joined national and international networks by attending conferences and summer schools, as well as spending periods as visiting scholars at universities abroad. Recently completed doctoral theses are available online.


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We are looking for a dynamic and committed scholar who works well independently and is able to cooperate in and to benefit from the community of researchers working in English Linguistics at the department. Further information about the subject, admission requirements, and the application process are available on the Department of English homepage.

A special entry requirement for admission to the third-cycle study programme in English is that the applicant must meet the requirements for a one-year master degree in English. The Department of English homepage provides further information about the doctoral level-programme in English. Under the headings “Courses/programmes” and “PhD Programme in English”, information is available on the qualifications that are required to apply for the doctoral programme.

Educational level:

Master Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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