The hired profile will have to work on projects that require development for proper
maintenance as well as the development of new functionalities. We are looking for a
profile that has high programming capabilities, mainly Python, but we will also value
the use of other languages (Java and/or Matlab) or his/her ability to program in other
tools if necessary.


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Signal processing fundamentals are required and knowledge in databases (design,
access, queries, programmatic access, installation and maintenance) will be valued
Although it is not necessary, it is also valuable knowledge of methodologies and
processes related to research. We are looking for a developer who may be interested
in being part of the team not only as a programmer, but also as a potential doctoral
candidate. We want someone who is enthusiastic, eager to work and fearless of new
challenges. With leadership and teamwork skills.

Required degree: Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or related engineering
Necessary experience:
 Signal Processing
 Data analysis (not required but will be valuated)
 Databases
 Programming

Educational level:


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