The deep learning specialist will work in a small and dynamic team to design and implement state of the art neural network algorithms for key component building, including detection and classification techniques spanning a range of sensor modalities. Significant experience in state-of-the-art Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition fields.

Hands on experience on NLP, machine learning, deep learning and other linguistic techniques to create new, scalable solutions for business problems.
Research and development of novel NLP, deep learning and statistical modeling algorithms.
Establish Scalable, efficient and automated process for large scale data.
Experience in building software systems and showcase the same with good natural language conversation using different knowledge sources.
Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts data to help in automating the solutions and optimizing key processes.
Design and develop innovative solutions for Retrieval and Generative Response models.
Create core components for our services (engines, frameworks, and libraries)
Discriminative learning for classification problems
Understanding of Brain Computer Interfaces, Biosensor, Acoustics technologies




Key Qualifications

MS/PhD graduate in computer science or a related field.
Research experience in machine learning (classification, regression, clustering, recommendation, content personalization, knowledge extraction, Semantic indexing/search), or text mining.
Experience with GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering)
Experience in working with state of the art deep learning techniques
Experience in working with state of the art computer vision techniques, methods and concepts
Experience in Working in image analytics and Video analytics
Understanding of state of the art linguistic processing techniques
Passionate about solving problems, quality and learning new technologies
Strong understanding of CNNs, recurrent nets, supervised and unsupervised learning, and optimization techniques
Experience working with one or more deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, Theano, Torch, TensorFlow, MXNet
Strong desire and drive to build robust and efficient solution using deep learning technology
Good programming skills with Java, Python or similar scripting languages.
High proficiency in concepts and algorithms used in design of experiments
Excellent problem solving skills
Excellent communication skills
Team player
Fast learner
Experience/knowledge of large scale machine learning applied to very large and diverse datasets (preferred)
Solid fundamental BCI (Brain Computer Interface) methods and concepts (preferred)
Experience/knowledge of GPU computing/CUDA kernels (preferred)
Experience: 6-15yrs

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Hemanth Kalva 2nd
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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Seniority Level
Mid-Senior level

Information Technology and Services
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Job Functions
Information Technology Research

Educational level:

Master Degree

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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