Huawei Search Team will leverage the best talent and infrastructure to build an industry-leading Cloud Search product that will allow Huawei mobile phone users to search over all their queries with best-in-industry with advanced user experiences, such as intention recognition, that would tremendously increase their experience. Our mission will be accomplished through utilizing advanced technologies to ensure knowledge data discovery and extraction, create intelligent experience, and design a robust data storing, indexing and querying architecture.

You will work with a team of applied scientists and engineers who are responsible for all stages of the search engine including offline page storing/analysis/indexing, online querying/reranking/sorting. Your responsibilities will include:

Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and debug software programs for the key stages of the whole search sub-systems.
Creates and implements new or uses existing traditional and deep learning algorithms, to solve applied problems in search engine, such as machine translating, text classification, NLU, etc.
Lead the team to break through major algorithmic issues.
Customize universal search features to local language and applications.
Design and localize universal search engine, such as multi-language recognition, adapt to local applications and POI.




Required Qualifications:

MS/BS in CS/EE, mathematical or machine learning related subjects.
Strong experience in designing, developing and shipping software (Minimum: 5 years)
Excellent coding abilities in C、C++ 、Java、Python
Strong programming and algorithm design skills and real passion for search engine.
Expertise in two or more areas of large scale search systems (distributed database internals, performance optimization, data warehousing and integration, query optimization, indexing, memory management, distributed file system, etc.).
Knowledge and understanding of parallel programming, thread programming, concurrency control and scalability.
Preferred Qualifications:

Working experience in MS Bing, Google Search, Yanex or related search operators.
Academic achievements in searching related area, such as Information Retrieval, NLP, Multi-language recognition/extraction, Knowledge Graph, etc.
Concrete product experience in natural language processing, machine leaning, deep learning or data mining area.
5+ years designing, developing large scale, high performance data storing, indexing, ranking system

Educational level:

Master Degree

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