The AI revolution in customer service has begun, and Boost AI is at the forefront with the James® platform.

We specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) and have developed James®, a market-leading platform for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants, built on our platform, respond to enquiries efficiently and with unrivalled quality. Our virtual assistants don’t mind spelling mistakes, slang or dialects, and can even detect and react to human emotions. The James® platform currently includes 9 languages and is scalable to simultaneously support any language.

After just one year, we supplied over 30 major companies and organizations with custom virtual assistants – among them many of the biggest banks in Scandinavia. We are now targeting even more countries and industries and are expanding correspondingly.
We now have a vacant position for a Data Scientist (NLP EXPERT).

Job description:

In order to meet the demands of our scale, you will solve new problems with deep learning and machine learning – from a system engineering standpoint – and tie together numerous complex data structures. You will be working with our core AI platform, improving the natural language understanding and processing – including, but not limited to, implementation of state-of-the-art deep learning models.


Boost AI


MSc/BSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
Be a great programmer.
Deep understanding of natural language processing techniques.
Familiar with common machine learning and statistics toolkits.
Familiar with deep learning – in particular common recurrent neural networks.
Understanding of the importance of good data quality.
Passionate about writing sustainable code to implement advanced ideas.
Kaggle experience is a plus.
Ability to code in Python is required.
Experience with SQL databases.
Knowledge of keras and/or tensorflow, torch.
Deploying machine learning solutions in a production environment is a plus.
Understanding of different neural network architectures and machine learning pipelines, with knowledge on when to use them, is a huge plus.
Ability to think out-of-the-box.

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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