Are you a Data Scientist with a Software Engineer background? Commercial, production-level Data Scientist building NLP and Machine Learning engines? Strong scientific mindset (ideally) with formal PhD or Masters qualification? Based anywhere in Europe?

Location: Fully Remote, London-centric

Salary: £70k – £80k + equity

This global social app brand, $20m in a recent funding round, is changing the way we support families in pregnancy, post-natal and community childcare. Never has the need been more poignant, and your role will help to use Topic Modelling / NLP / Neural Networks to develop their understanding of users needs.

You’ll join a team of developers (Ruby-on-Rails stack, not essential for you to have) and bring your scientific mindset, Python programming, pair programming and scaled start-up knowledge to help produce these engines.

The business is fully remote – post lockdown and at growth there may be (very) occasional trips to an office, but not for the foreseeable. The CTO is an advocate of remote work and will best place to give the most effective working conditions for you.


Recommend Recruitment Ltd


Data Scientist with proven commercial production-level code shipping

Python engineering skill-set for data manipulation and analysis work in Data Science

Scientific mindset (ideally, but not essentially, a PhD or MSc) with production application

Scaled start-up background – responsible for both science and production, able to excel at both.

Beneficial to have production-level projects under your belt as a Data Scientist around:

Educational level:

Master Degree

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