The Sponsor applies technical resources to accelerate the timely, reliable, and secure delivery of open source data, information, and insights. The Sponsor requires two teams: one team to perform data science activities to fulfill its open-source intelligence mission (Data Science Team) and a second team to perform data management and data curation to fulfill its emerging technologies mission (Emerging Technology Team). The Data Science Team shall deliver analytic products and insights across the Sponsor’s organization using bulk or unstructured data sets. The Emerging Technology Team shall structure data sets, create ontologies around Sponsor topics, research gaps in data, and develop and deliver analytic products using the Sponsor’s data pipelines.

Please note: This job requires an existing Top Secret Clearance and Polygraph**

Responsibilities And Duties

The Team shall develop and deliver analytic products using the Sponsor’s data pipelines and virtual environment using enterprise services and cloud platform capabilities.
The Team shall deploy and maintain analytic tools for mission data analytics.
The Team shall fully describe and document mission data analytical solutions, findings, and methodological approaches to finished products.
The Team shall conduct in-depth analysis on datasets provided in both bulk and unstructured formats.
The Team shall identify solutions to process unknown or unconventional data file formats.
The Team shall support the dissemination of products to access-controlled users.
The Team shall support data science brainstorming sessions; coordinate stakeholder engagements, user requirements sessions, and training; and assist with prototyping solutions.
The Team shall establish, deploy, operate, and maintain the Sponsor’s cloud solution, consisting of infrastructure, platform, software, and security components.
The Team shall anticipate having to CONUS and OCONUS travel, infrequently at the Sponsors direction.
The Team shall ensure compliance with the Sponsor’s authorization and accreditation (A&A) process.


Dezign Concepts


Demonstrated experience using analytic methods and methodologies such as probability and statistics, formal modeling, and machine learning on bulk data, as well as geospatial analysis.
Demonstrated experience using AI/ML tools, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn.
Demonstrated experience with machine learning algorithms, to include machine translation, natural language processing, and computer vision.
Demonstrated experience working within cloud compute environments, Linux and Unix-based operating systems, and using ElasticSearch and Kibana.
Demonstrated experience performing data analysis and data clustering.
Demonstrated experience creating high quality data visualizations and dashboards.
Demonstrated experience aggregating data across structured data files (JSON, XML, CSV, YAML, and XLSX) as well as handling and processing dirty data and unstructured data.

Other skills and demonstrated experiences that are highly desired but not required to perform the work include:

Demonstrated experience maintaining data across various systems and databases.
Demonstrated experience acquiring data from primary and secondary data sources.
Demonstrated experience structuring data sets to find usable information.
Demonstrated experience collecting and processing data, particular data presented in multiple languages (translation skills not required), using non-roman character sets or Unicode encoding.
Demonstrated experience consolidating, aggregating, visualizing, and presenting data in different formats based on audience requirements, findings, patterns, and trends.
Demonstrated experience normalizing and cleansing data to adhere to defined standards or policies.

Specific requirements:

Citizenship: Must Be a US Citizen
Existing Clearance Required: Active Top Secret SCI with Poly

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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