There’s one dream that’s common to people across countries, continents, religions and races- and our dream is to a build a product – a super consumer tech product that will help people across the world make that dream come true.

We are a Mumbai – Powai based start-up with towering global aspirations, building a consumer product with cutting edge technology, and are looking for people with specialized skills to join us in critical roles.

We believe that the Consumer Product that we are developing will change the way we know internet as it is today, and will significantly alter the way everyone interacts with the online digital world. It’s an innovative consumer product that has not been done before. It’s not in the social networking space, it’s not eCommerce, it’s not aggregation- in fact, it’s not in a space that currently exist.

Facebook digitized the concept of social networking with a global product. Gmail and other mail services digitized the concept of old world letter writing. Google Maps did the same to the old world referencing of the physical maps, and LinkedIn digitized the professional network. We are creating an innovative product that will digitize an aspect of human life that is not digitized yet, and it’s applicable to the entire humanity that connects to the internet. We dream of becoming the first innovative global product to come out of India and spread into over 50 countries in the shortest period of time.

Specifically, we are looking for an AI expert to take up a key role in the company- someone who is solving cutting edge ML problems in his head while having breakfast in the morning. This AI specialist needs to take complete ownership of that vertical and build a team within the organization. He or she will be a core member of the founding team, and will have equity in the company.

Like a true Product company, we really want only truly outstanding people. The kind of people who naturally thrive in an environment where there is individual accountability, high degree of ownership, 48 hours in a day and beyond all, uncontrollable passion for the product you build.

If you think you are such a person, and can handle breakneck speed at work, we- d love to have a coffee and chat with you.




Requirement for Reference :

– Relevant experience 3 years + preferred in a programming role.

– Must have relevant experience in deep learning models for NLP and Image classification (project implementation details required)

– Strong mathematical foundation of ML algorithms.

– Experience with chatbots and conversational AI preferred

– Experience in Tensorflow and Theano required.

– Must be proficient in Python. The role is a tech oriented role so the candidate is expected to be able to program/customise the necessary ML models and deploy it in massively scalable production environment.

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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