Search Data Science team (SDS) at CareerBuilder is R&D team focused on applying machine learning, data mining, and big data techniques to solve challenging problems in the domain of search and recommendation.

The team has been involved in very interesting data science projects like Semantic Search, AI-based recommendation engine, and Personalization. Furthermore, the team maintain a strong record of publications and patents which reflect the novelty of the work they do. SDS team is looking for a Ph.D. intern to join the team for the next Spring 2018 semester.


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The successful NLP applicant should have experience in the following areas:

NLP (especially semantic embedding)
Machine learning (Classification)
Apache Hadoop/Spark
Graph mining (Random Walk, Deep Walk)
Graph processing
Python (SciKitLearn)
The successful Deep Learning applicant should have experience in the following areas:

Deep Learning (LSTM, CNN, ..etc)
Semantic Embedding
Spark/Hadoop is a high bonus.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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