The data science team works under the purview of the Technology Excellence Group at Talentica Software. The goal of this team is to solve problems and build algorithms that are typically data driven. Hence, problems involving statistics, optimization, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing are of interest to this group. The team has built and deployed production quality machine learning algorithms solving unique problem statements for multiple startups in Talentica. Now we are growing at a rapid pace as so many startups have a machine learning component in them.

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Some Machine Learning Problems Solved (last 1 year)

Automated Valuation Models for rent estimates of properties based on heterogeneous data sources
Convex optimization solution with Lagrangean relaxation for a network of wireless sensors
Estimating location of Bluetooth assets based on radio frequency signal strength
Detecting and extracting questions and key phrases from free-flowing and unformatted text
Pattern recognition and classification system to detect presence of single cells in a nutrient solution
Clustering similar regions in H&E stained histopathology images
Estimating network throughput using wireless characteristics
Recognizing sequential patterns in text to extract key information relevant to legal clauses

Scope for Hiring:

The hiring is for the position of a Principal Software Engineer with a Data Scientist role in the areas related to Natural Language Processing.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Understanding the startup product, problem definition, identifying the solution
Work as an individual contributor and deliver working code for the algorithms built
Work with core Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation algorithms to build solutions from scratch
Be prepared to work on a wide variety of problem statements involving text from biology background, legal background, news background or financial background
Be prepared to generate data sets, manually label data if required, source data sets relevant to a problem
Work with software development engineers to make the solution production ready
Work on two problem statements simultaneously
Take ownership and communicate with stake holders by way of show-and-tell
Engage in research and publication work in areas beyond what Talentica is currently working on


Talentica Software


Educational Qualifications:

Has completed PhD preferably from one of the old IITs or IISc-Bangalore or universities of repute outside India
Has completed full-time PhD degree in the areas aligned with Natural Language Processing
Should have a Master’s degree from IIT or IISc or IIIT-Hyderabad or ISI-Kolkata or universities of repute outside India
Has at least one published full paper in conferences such as SIGIR/CIKM/EMNLP/CONLL
Credited courses focused on linear algebra, stochastic models, pattern recognition, design and analysis of algorithms, machine learning, machine translation, natural language processing, data mining and information retrieval

Work Experience:

3+ years of industry experience
Should like to work in a startup environment.
Excellent programming skills and must be able to implement complex algorithms in Python
Hands-on experience with use of standard natural language processing libraries and machine learning libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, NLTK, OpenNLP, Spacy, Sk-Learn, ML-Lib
Demonstrated experience in application of NLP algorithms for matching & retrieval, clustering, generating ontologies, machine translation, concept extraction, entity extraction
Should be capable of converting theory to practice by reading relevant papers
Should be capable of conceiving original ideas and implementing them as working algorithms

Educational level:

Ph. D.

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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