The Leidos Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Accelerator is seeking a Chief Scientist in AI/ML for a senior technical leadership position. The Chief Scientist will work with the Director of AI/ML within the Office of Technology (OoT, and across Leidos to accelerate innovation by developing and refining strategy, directing major activities and programs, and representing Leidos within the broader AI/ML community.

Position Summary

The Chief Scientist in AI/ML will lead the formulation and execution of an ambitious research agenda that delivers key capabilities to our customers and markets. In collaboration with senior leaders, he/she will refine and expand a Leidos Enterprise strategy in AI/ML that supports our markets in Health, Civil, Defense, and Intelligence. He/she will help define and prioritize millions of dollars of internal Leidos investment in AI/ML, leading a deep and talented team of scientists and engineers as they design and execute ambitious projects aligned with that strategy. He/she will play a principal role in pursuing, capturing, and executing major new contract R&D opportunities with customers like DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, ARL, and NRO. He/she will provide AI/ML thought leadership within Leidos, to our customers, and throughout the broader ML community.

Job Responsibilities
Expand and enhance AI and ML strategy for a $10B+ Fortune 500 company with major markets in Defense, Intelligence, Civil, and Health.
Design and articulate an AI/ML research agenda that is consistent with that strategy and supports a large pipeline of opportunities for which these technologies are critical.
Develop a broad set of creative and innovative R&D concepts that address major and emerging AI/ML challenges and advance the state of the art in key areas of strategic importance to Leidos. Work with potential sponsors (internal and/or external) to secure funding for new research efforts based on those concepts.
Provide senior technical direction to a team of 25+ Ph. D.-level AI/ML researchers within the LInC and informally to a larger community from across Leidos working on internally and externally funded R&D programs in AI and ML.
Serve as a key technical expert on AI/ML within Leidos and across the community, including:
Supporting major captures across all business areas by identifying opportunities to leverage AI/ML as part of an overall solution that delivers value to the customer, working with solution architects to design the AI/ML components that deliver that value, and reviewing proposals to ensure that they are effective and compelling.
Advising C-suite and Leidos business areas leaders on a broad range of technology, strategy, and policy issues associated with AI and ML.
Serving as a Leidos Technical Fellow, providing SME expertise across Leidos as part of the Leidos community of senior technical leaders.
Representing Leidos as a member of external advisory groups in ML, AI and related areas.


The Leidos Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Accelerator


Required Qualifications
Advanced degree (Ph.D highly desired) in computer science or a related discipline, such as statistics or applied mathematics.
10+ years of technical leadership as Program Manager or Principal Investigator for major AI/ML programs in industry, academia, or government.
National / international reputation in one or more subfields of ML or AI, including: Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; Predictive Modeling and Decision Support; Computational Linguistics/Natural Language Processing; Speech Processing/ASR; Machine Translation; Adversarial ML; AI Assurance; Explainable AI; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Graph Processing/Graph Analytics.
Thorough knowledge and understanding of many areas of Machine Learning, including Deep Learning.
Extensive record of widely cited publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.
Ability to communicate effectively about ML with a broad range of audiences, from internal leaders to external customers and from sophisticated ML researchers to those with little or no relevant background.
Preferred Qualifications
TS//SCI preferred. The ability to obtain a TS/SCI clearance is strongly preferred.
Experience as a government Program Manager in a relevant R&D organization that supports AI/ML research (DARPA/IARPA/AFRL/NSF) or as a Principal Investigator executing research on major programs for such customers.
Hands-on experience with a broad range of deep learning tools (e.g., TensorFlow, Spark, Theano, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Keras, Caffe, Nvidia Digits) and collaboration environments (e.g. Jupyter notebooks, PyCharm)
Extensive experience with many of the following approaches: Deep Learning (CNNs, RCNNs, LSTMs), GANs, Autoencoders, Reinforcement Learning, Siamese Networks, Regression, SVMs, HMMs, CRFs, LDA
Experience in designing solutions that optimize ML performance by through advanced HW and software techniques.

Educational level:

Ph. D.

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

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