We’re working with an innovative start-up based in the heart of Shoreditch who are looking for a chief machine learning / NLP researcher to join their team.
This is a great opportunity to for an individual who has the desire to work on great projects, looking to progress in their career, and assist in the growth of the organisation.
The chief machine learning / NLP researcher will grow an R&D function, and build / architect novel algorithms for the company.
The Client is looking for great research engineers to join the team. If you have an exceptional background in computer vision, deep learning or related subjects, and a passion for your field that sets you apart from others then we highly suggest getting in touch!
The successful candidate will be supported by an NLP engineer and the CTO and though the responsibilities will be varied they will include –
Being hands-on and implementing / further developing the algorithms envisioned by the team.
Consulting remotely on R&D and technical approaches by the company’s scientific advisors
Building new ways of identifying trust, news bias, annotation systems and scoring methods in information.
This role could also include building NLP systems to extract and model relations, entities and topics in news data, and developing algorithms to score and provide contextual facts on this data.
You will help build a full-scale information extraction pipeline with scheduling, continuous integration and big data server management with containerisation for media sources, Twitter and more.


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The successful candidate will have a passion for research in statistical natural language processing, semantic parsing, sentiment analysis, content scoring, text regression, argument mining, deep learning for NLP or related fields and in an ideal world will have a PhD in NLP, ML, Knowledge Extraction or Information Retrieval as well as published papers in recognised journals and conferences.

Educational level:

Ph. D.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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