Role overview / Additional Information

Our client is looking for a Big Data/Machine Learning developer, who can design and develop complex machine learning models, Web API to consume the models, and deploy the solutions in distributed and/or cloud environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

Perform in a demanding, high-energy position requiring flexibility and innovative technical solutions to the challenges of processing, interpreting and analyzing large volumes of data, including text.
We are seeking individuals with a unique blend of research and operational experience, in order to apply machine learning models and deep learning approaches to the problem of recognition in complex environments given sparse or limited training data.
The candidate should be able to quickly understand existing deployed machine learning models, big-data applications, performance tuning, optimize, log analysis, issue resolution and continuous improvement to current operations.
Strong scripting skills in Java and Python programming in Linux and Windows environments.
Adopt to client needs, must be able to work independently and also with other teams, guide the business team, and must possess strong written & oral communication and collaboration skills.




Basic Qualifications:

Requires a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and 4-8 years of prior relevant experience or Masters with 2-6 years of prior relevant experience.
4+ years of experience in designing and building full stack solutions utilizing distributed computing using Python, Scala or Java including distributed file systems or multi-node databases.
Experience in one or more areas of machine learning / artificial intelligence such as classifications, pattern recognition, NLP, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems, Sentiment Analysis, Clustering, Decision Trees, SVM, Topic Models.
Experience in using deep learning frameworks such as tensorflow, cntk, or keras etc.
Experience in solving NLP problems such as text categorization, text clustering/topic modeling, entity extraction, text summarization etc.
Experience in monitoring machine learning models in production and in operationalizing model building process.
Deep knowledge and experience in supervised and unsupervised algorithms to effectively address business problems.
Experience in creating interactive data visualizations to create a compelling dashboard of the machine learning model results and performance.
Excellent understanding of common families of models, feature engineering, feature selection and other practical machine learning issues, such as overfitting.
Programming experience using Python (iPython notebooks), Matlab, R, Scala, or Java.
Experience with distributed databases such as MongoDB, HBase, DynamoDB, Couch base, etc., and good skills in traditional databases such as MS-SQL with T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS or Oracle with PL/SQL, etc.
Excellent communication skills to communicate with wide technical and business users
Demonstrate ability to build full stack systems architected for speed and distributed computing.
Demonstrate ability to quickly learn new tools and paradigms to deploy cutting edge solutions.
Adept at simultaneously working on multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and managing expectations.

Specific requirements:

*Green Card Holder or US Citizenship required*

*Local candidates only please*

*NO C2C allowed*

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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