Associate Research Scientist
(PostDoc- or PhD-level; for an initial term of two years)

in the areas of Interactive Text Analysis, the UKP Lab is looking for
a researcher with a background in Natural Language Processing and
Software Development to work on the project INCEpTION [1] funded by
the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project is developing a
comprehensive interactive text analysis platform to improve efficiency
and to enable new ways of exploring, annotating and analyzing
large-scale text corpora through the use of assistive features based
on machine-learning.


Technische Universität Darmstadt


We ask for applications from candidates from Computer Science with a
specialization in Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, or Machine
Learning, preferably with expertise in research and development
projects, and strong communication skills. The successful applicant
will work on research and development activities regarding text
annotation by end-users (researchers, analysts, etc.), information
recommendation, and create the corresponding text analysis platform.
Ideally, the candidates should have demonstrable experience in
designing complex (NLP and/or ML) systems (frontend and backend), in
applying NLP-related Machine Learning-based methods, and strong
programming skills especially in Java. Experience with neural network
architectures and demonstrable engagement in open source projects are
strong pluses.

The UKP Lab is a research group comprising over 30 team members who
work on various aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP), with a
rapidly developing focus on Interactive Machine Learning and who
provide a range of high-quality open source software packages for
interactive and automatic text analysis to research and industry

Specific requirements:

(PostDoc- or PhD-level; for an initial term of two years)

Educational level:

Master Degree

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